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Answers to all your questions about vaping including terms, definitions and information for a rage of categories. New and experienced users will find helpful tips and details for all your vaping questions and concerns. Click the article to read more.


Determines the amount of air that is drawn each time a vaporizer is used by creating a vacuum in the atomizer. “Looser” airflow (wider airhole) allows more air to pass through which results in more vapor, while “Tighter” airflow provides less air so


This refers the electrical heating element that turns e-liquid into an inhalable vapor. Atomizer is used as a more general term as it describes the unit which holds the coil (heater) as well as the wick and bridge.

Automatic Battery (Auto-Draw)

This is when there is no button needed to activate the vape. When it senses the user drawing from the device, the battery will initiate automatically. Most commonly used with cartridge based atomizers.

Automatic Shutoff

A safety feature the prevent the battery from overheating. Commonly found in most vapor devices, it will power off the device if overheating or a short circuit is sensed.


Standard external batteries used to power vapor devices. Most common size is an 18650 and can have differing capacities (mAh). The number describes the size of the battery. For example, the 18650 can be broken down to being 18mm in diameter and 65mm

BOLD 35/50

Still has the standard 20mg of nicotine seen in regular Nic Salt e-juices, however BOLD options are a hybrid blend of Nic Salt and regular Freebase e-liquid. Each manufacturer may have a slightly different recipe in terms of the mixture, however the


It's the part of the atomizer that slots into the cartridge allowing liquid to flow. Liquid pulls from the cartridge into the atomizer head and onto the wick where it is vaporized by your coil.


The amount of liquid in milliliters (ml) a tank, cartridge or pod can hold.


Derived from the shortening of a cartridge atomizer, this is a device that attaches directly to the end of a battery, and are commonly referred to as e-cigarettes. These are usually your pre-filled and disposable options for vapes.


A disposable container pre-filled with e-liquid for use.


Derived from the shortening of a clear atomizer, these are normally a clear plastic or glass tank, a coil that is replaceable, a bridge that connects the coil and the cap, and finally a mouthpiece on the top. These would normally be MTL (Mouth to Lun


One of the most important components in the atomizer that heats the liquid. Broken down it is essentially a wick material core with a spiral shaped wire wrapped around it, and is held within the atomizer and connects the negative and positive parts o

Continuous Discharge Rating

This is the maximum amount of current (amps) that you can draw on a continuous basis before it heats up beyond a safe level.  This limit would generally be above 75° C. You can find the amps pulling from your battery by calculating your wattage setti


This is the base of the atomizer that will contain the positive and negative posts that connects your coil.


Simply a smaller non-rechargeable vape that is discarded once completely used. It will be pre-charged and filled with e-liquid to start. A very easy and affordable way to get into vaping since you are not tied to a particular device and also very clo


A much less common term these days as regulations and safety measures have drastically improved, but DIY is a blanket term for any Do It Yourself aspect of vaping.

Drip Tip

An alternative to a cartomizer or cartridge, this is a reusable tube that connects to the atomizer and allows the user to drip e-liquid directly onto it. Generally provides a more flavour filled experience. Can come in an assortment of materials such

DTL (Direct To Lung)

Used to describe the style of vaping where the vapour is drawn directly into the lung directly by taking in a deep breath. This is a different style when compared to MTL (Mouth to Lung). This method will provide the thickest possible vapor cloud and


A combination of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine) that may or may not contain nicotine. Commonly referred to as freebase, e-juice or simply liquid. Common Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg


A liquid that uses the purest form of nicotine compared to alternatives. Because of this, when heated, it becomes more potent and has increased absorption in your lungs. To be more technical, freebase is the removal of nicotine’s positive charge wher


This is the style of device that connects the battery to the atomizer directly without a 510 connection (name for the threaded element that connects the atomizer to the battery). Commonly referred to as a “Mechanical” mod, these will have a 510 threa


An abbreviation for milliamp hour and is a unit which measures power over time. This would be your battery capacity or charge, or how long it will last before it needs to be recharged. So the higher the mAh rating, the longer you can use it before ne

MG (Milligrams)

An abbreviation for milligrams and is a unit for measuring the concentration of nicotine in a liquid. This would be the reading per ml of juice, so if your nicotine strength was 6mg, it would be 6mg per ml of e-liquid. Therefore a 60ml bottle of juic


General term for devices that are composed of multiple components. A Mod is an enhanced, or modified (hence the term Mod) version of a simple vaporizer. Commonly includes additional or advanced features, such as it being more powerful, longer/bigger

MTL (Mouth to Lung)

A style of vaping that is much closer to the common act of smoking. Unlike DTL (Direct to Lung), vapor is drawn into the mouth before transferring it into the lungs. Recommended for beginners and newly switched vapers that are using it as a replaceme

Nic Salt

Short form of Nicotine Salts, it utilizes the natural state of nicotine and is blended with liquid (VG/PG). This nicotine is better absorbed into the bloodstream as the “salts” alter the PH levels of the liquid which allows better absorption. This ad

Nicotine Strength (Nic Strength)

The amount of nicotine content in your e-liquid, commonly measured by milligrams (mg). To get a better understanding of what percentage your nic strength is, you can divide the mg by 10 and will give you the amount per ml. 0mg => 0/10 => 0.0% per ml.


The units to measure resistance. The lower the ohm’s of an atomizer, the lower the resistance would be.


Vapes with a pass through features means that you can use the device while it is plugged in and charging, which should not be done unless the device is specifically pass through capable. Most of the times these devices are USB compatibly which means


A practical use vape consisting of a battery and a replaceable/refillable pod. Easy to use and affordable while also outdoing traditional e-cigarettes. These come in 2 varieties, closed pod or open pod systems. Open Pod Systems are reusable and refil

Protected/Unprotected (Battery)

This is another term which, by definition, can alter depending on the manufacturer. The protection circuits on a battery can differ, but usually are in place to prevent you from over-charging or over-discharging your battery. In some instances the pr

Pulse Discharge Rating

Considered an “unofficial” discharge rating, this takes into consideration that a person may use their device in pulses rather than a continuous burst. Although it may be provided, it doesn’t take into consideration of time, which would be the length

RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)

An atomizer for users who desire to build their own coils and install their own wire. With these devices, e-liquid is dripped directly onto the wire & cotton rather than tank filled. RDA’s are made to use with a more advanced personal devices, or Mod

RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer)

A device that blends characters from RTA’s as well as RDA’s. The device is designed like an RDA with similar performance, however there is a tank below that feeds juice directly rather than having to drip. It houses a tank on top of a buildable deck


A term used for any device that a user needs to build or install components such as a coil or wick. See more info on RDA, RTA and RDTA’s.

Regulated Mod

A device that implements safety measures to prevent overheating. These make up a vast majority of the available Mod’s. It can include adjustable features such as fixed voltage, output modifications and power adjustments to name a few. Routinely will


Measured in ohms, resistance, also known as electrical resistance, describes how much opposition the electrical current has to an object. Vapes have differing resistance ratings which can affect things such as temperature and volume of vapour. Althou

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer)

This device also has a tank for your liquids, however the deck is underneath the tank and instead uses gravity to bring the juice onto your coils. Smoke is drawn through the chimney up to the drip cap. Overall you’ll find more space between you and t


The same design as an RDA device, however there is a hollow 510 pin in the centre where juice feeds the cotton rather than having to drip directly.

Starter Kit

The name does speak for itself, this is a kit that will provide you with everything you need to begin vaping and is optimized for beginner users. Your device will come with a tank, mouthpiece, battery and coil which make up your main components. They


As an Ohm is a means of measuring resistance, sub-ohm refers to resistance below 1.0 ohms. This would cause the coil to heat up faster, liquid vaporize quicker and produce larger clouds and more intense flavours. As expected, this would lead to a nee


One of the main components of your vape, the tank is the chamber that stores your e-liquids and will contain your coil needed to vaporize the liquid. Generally the tank will sit above your battery and will primarily be glass with a metal bottom and t

Temperature Control (TC)

This is a solution to try and overcome “dry” or “burnt” hits. Additionally it allows the user to take longer drags as it creates a more consistent device temperature rather than it getting increasingly more hot. In a lot of instances the user is able

Throat Hit

Term used to explain the feeling when vapor “hits” the back of your throat. Can vary from what would be considered a “strong” hit and what would be considered a “weak”, but is dependent on the user. A strong hit is when you instantly feel it when inh


A tank that provides the ability to refill using e-liquids from the top of the device. Less chance of spillage as it is cleaner and more convenient than other refillable tank options.

Unregulated Mod

A device that does not implement the safety measures as outlined for the Regulated Mods, it gives raw power to the atomizer from the battery. With it being unregulated, this type of mod can power any atomizer & coil. Unlike regulated mods, these will


Shortform for Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Along with flavouring, this is the total components blended to create an e-liquid. These are food-safe liquids and essentially all juices contain a ratio of these. So 50/50 would be 50


A unit used to measure the force of an electric current.


A unit used to measure the rate of energy transfer.


Commonly made of cotton fibre, the wick is the element that gets saturated with e-liquid and draws it from the cartridge to the coil for vaporization.