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DTL (Direct To Lung)Updated 2 years ago

Used to describe the style of vaping where the vapour is drawn directly into the lung directly by taking in a deep breath. This is a different style when compared to MTL (Mouth to Lung). This method will provide the thickest possible vapor cloud and will fill your lungs to capacity. This style will provide a fuller flavour. As most people aren’t used to this style to start, be cautious as it can be a bit of a shock to the lungs as opposed to the MTL style, as the vapour is fuller and the nicotine content will be greater.

For DTL it is suggested to stick with low or 0mg nicotine flavours to avoid the harsher “Throat Hit”. A higher VG content would also be a good idea as it tends to be smoother and could be less irritating on the lungs.

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