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PodUpdated 2 years ago

A practical use vape consisting of a battery and a replaceable/refillable pod. Easy to use and affordable while also outdoing traditional e-cigarettes. These come in 2 varieties, closed pod or open pod systems.

Open Pod Systems are reusable and refillable. This is an ideal choice for users that have their favourite e-liquids and want control over their pod flavours. The only real downside is the chance of “flavour creep” which is when residue from other juices mix and create a compound of tastes. Would suggest to stick to certain juices with a single pod.

Closed Pod Systems are much more simpler in terms of usage as they come with pre-filled pods that you clip on to the device when needed. This saves the user from needing to refill and potentially cause any mess. Once you’re done with it, you pop it off and discard for a new pod. The downside with these are you are limited to the juices manufactured in pods that fit your device which does vary.

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