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Regulated ModUpdated 2 years ago

A device that implements safety measures to prevent overheating. These make up a vast majority of the available Mod’s. It can include adjustable features such as fixed voltage, output modifications and power adjustments to name a few. Routinely will have an internal battery that needs to be charged by a supplied power cord.

Here is a break down of some common elements of a regulated mod.        

Fixed Voltage: A draw sensor or button that will recognize the changes in pressure as the mod is used.

Variable Wattage: Gives the ability to adjust the power settings.

Temp Control: Let’s the user adjust the maximum temperate setting before auto protection kicks in. Often depends on the type of coil.

Variable Voltage:  Let’s the user to exceed or dip below a batteries voltage output. A feature that allows you to adjust the “intensity” of the vape.

This is an ideal mod style as will be provided detailed instructions by the manufacturer on usage. The only downsides are that they will not work with just any type of coil, and sometimes get a little complicated to a beginner user depending on the device.

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