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Throat HitUpdated a year ago

Term used to explain the feeling when vapor “hits” the back of your throat. Can vary from what would be considered a “strong” hit and what would be considered a “weak”, but is dependent on the user. A strong hit is when you instantly feel it when inhaling, which can commonly be the desired feeling for current or ex-smokers. For new users this can be intense and cause coughing like smoking normally could. As expected, a weak throat hit would be the opposite where it is much smoother and less harsh as you inhale.

There is a short list of factors that can have an impact on your throat hit;

PG/VG: The higher the PG ratio in your juice, the stronger you’ll get in terms of the throat hit. On the other end, a higher VG ratio will cause a weaker hit.

Power: The settings on your device can also have an impact on your experience. To keep it simple, the higher the power output, the more intense the vapour output as well.

Nic Strength: As what would make the most sense, the higher in nicotine your juice is, the more intense the experience will be.

Airflow: Some devices will give you the option to adjust your airflow. The more open the airflow, the more vapour you’ll intake, which in turn gives a stronger hit.

If you’d like some help in getting the perfect experience for you, feel free to reach out to us or your local vape shop professionals for assistance.

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