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ResistanceUpdated 2 years ago

Measured in ohms, resistance, also known as electrical resistance, describes how much opposition the electrical current has to an object. Vapes have differing resistance ratings which can affect things such as temperature and volume of vapour. Although they normally look the same, manufacturers will label their resistance as either low, standard or high on the packaging.

Low Resistance is commonly rated 2.2 ohms or below and resists less current. As it will draw a more consistent current, it will burn “hotter” than your standard or high resistance atomizers. It is recommended with low resistance not to use smaller batteries with a capacity of 400 mAh or lower. With this consistency of current you will notice a faster drain than usual. Most manufacturers will recommend larger batteries such as the 18650. Finally with the increased current amount, they do tend to “fail” at a higher rate than high resistance atomizers.

High Resistance will have a rating of 4.2 ohms or higher and were crafted for high voltage vaping at 6V or above. Designed to cater to higher voltage to combat the “burned taste” some would experience with high electrical currents. These atomizers will not work with your standard 3.7V batteries. 

Standard Resistance is the middle option clocking in between 2.2 and 4.2 ohms. This is the recommended within the industry as it is a great compromise in terms of both life cycle while also providing ample amount of vapour.

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